The Activity Octupus

The «Activity Octopus» started as a sketch in my ledger while I was waiting for a friend outside her home. She lives in one of the big neighbourhoods built in the 60s to house the incoming factory workers. There is plenty of open space and a little forest between the blocks but parking spots are scarce and people often park in the green areas. 🚗🏎🚐🚙🚕

I imagined a park that lets people cross the flat with pathways from all directions meeting in the middle. It reminded me of an octopus 🐙, so I went along with the idea. I drew eight tentacle paths, two forming the head, and started adding eight activity sites around them.

The local joggers 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️🏃 had “made” an oddly shaped circular path inside the flat. I imagined that paving it and staying true to their route would make them feel more at home in the new activity park. I added basketball 🏀 and football ⚽ fields for the kids, a few ramps for the cool kids, bowling 🎳 and chess ♞ for the pensioners, and a tennis court 🎾 for the posh people.

The final composition included also a number of other recreational facilities such as a dog playground 🐕, a tree house and a sand pit.