How do I choose?

I like to get my recipes from magazines/internet, to cut/ print them out and glue them in my analogue cooking book: Good food Good mood. But only after they pass the taste test.

I first attache them to a clipboard and choose the recipe base on mood and/or on what I have in the kitchen.
Most of the times, while we are having the meal we know it is a keeper or not. There are times when I realised from the cooking process that yeah, I don’t want to keep it is.

How did I start?

While back, in 2014, when I arrived in the UK, I had to cook for myself and for the kids that I was looking after as an AuPair. I was rubbish, but lucky me, the kids were kids and they had a couple of favourites dishes which I could smoothly learn them. I also believe that I had a bit of a food cultural sock – food culture.

After a good year as an AuPair, I moved in with my techy boyfriend.
Now, he just loves food and loves eating it, which means that he would eat almost anything. Do not think that it is easy? Well, he also loves to have an opinion, a strong one, especially when he has a vision and my cooking does not meet his vision 😀 He is my biggest critic, you will see him around.

But, really it started way earlier, under the watchful eye supervision of my parents and aunts since my birth.

All I can hope is that you would like my tries out and hopefully, you will share with me yours tries out.

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