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I received an email from a friend asking for inspiration. As he recently punched a propriety and wanting to up- lifted the garden according to his and family style and usage. He went shopping for plants, but he felt that he needs a boost of creativity. Here is were I can in 🙂

He bought a variety of:


  • Syringa vulgaris (Lilac)
  • Eucalyptus gunni (Cider gum)
  • Tamarisk (Tamarix)
  • Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan)
  • Gleditsia triacanthos sunburst (Honey Locust)
  • Betula pendula (Silver birch)
  • Magnolia denudata (Lilytree)

Big shrubs

  • Fremontodendron’California Glory
  • Sambucus nigra (Black Tower)
  • Philadelphus (Mock oranges)
  • Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree)
  • Cotinus ‘Grace’
  • Cotinus coggygria (Smoke tree)
  • Cistus x Purpureus (Orchid rockrose)
  • Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’
  • Camellia


  • Senecio (Ragworts)
  • Lychnis coronaria (Rose campion)
  • Cornus alba sibirica (White dogwood)
  • Fuchsia ‘Tom Thumb’
  • Gaura lindheimeri (White gaura)
  • Lupinus (Lupine)
  • Paeonia (Peony)
  • Lamprocapnos spectabilis (Asian bleeding-heart)
  • Ceanothus ‘Blue Mound’
  • Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian sage)
  • Erysimum (Wallflowers)
  • Alcea (Hollyhock)
  • Digitalis purpurea (Foxglove)
  • Verbena officinalis (Vervain)
  • Crocosmia (Coppertips)
  • Helenium (Sneezeweeds)
  • Liatris spicata (Dense blazing star)
  • Anemone
  • small perennial with bright yellow flowers and leaves that look like cosmos
  • different types of daisy plants including osteospermum and gerbera

After he had shared the list with me, to have any idea, he also mentioned:
I can buy more!

Now, what can I do: “Less is more” or More is less”, a nice evergreen hair!

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